The Municipal Demarcation Board’s assessment of municipal capacity is a comprehensive assessment of municipal capacity in South Africa. It relies on municipalities providing information on the degree to which they are both performing their legislated and/or assigned powers and functions, and the existing capacity and competencies in each municipality. The project will also look at general governance and administration powers and functions and resource/environmental issues.

This information will allow the MDB to take informed decisions when determining and re-determining municipal boundaries. It will also assist MECs to consider the adjustment of powers and functions between district and local municipalities, and to provide advice to the Minister in terms of the division of powers. It is also aimed at ensuring that National, Provincial and Local Governments are better informed on their local government capacity building initiatives.

The questionnaire covers three areas:

  1. General Information about the Municipality: This includes contact details, its leadership, budget, services, administration and governance;

  2. Senior management details: This section requests information on each of the senior managers;

  3. Powers and Functions: Information on which powers and functions are being performed by the municipality.

The Municipal Manager must submit the information requested but he/she is able to assign the collation of such information to different staff members.


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